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Veterans Day event held in Winona

WINONA, Minn. (FOX 47) -- Millions of people across the country came together Sunday to give special thanks to men and women who have served. In Winona, members of the community gathered at Veterans Memorial Park to show their support.

Several people showed up to listen to speakers and learn more about what our troops go through.

All day different groups stood watch by the flag pole in the park as part of a 24-hour vigil. They stood in honor and remembrance of those who have served.

The event gave the veterans an opportunity to teach the future generations about serving. 

"I can speak for my experience with my dad. He is a World War II veteran. A lot of them just don't talk about it, so consequently that history is lost," said Veterans Day participant John Grossardt.

Veteran Jeff Kirkey added, "You know it's today's youth that are tomorrow's future. So if you don't know the past, the future is up for question as well."

After the outdoor ceremony, people were able to get more cozy in a bunker where lunch was served and memorabilia was displayed for everyone to see.

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