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Houston County Protectors host frac sand meeting

CALEDONIA, MN (WXOW)—A moratorium on frac sand mining in Houston County will expire in February.

No decisions have been made yet.

On Thursday, a group against frac sand mining, called Houston County Protectors, held an information meeting in Caledonia.

Houston County Protectors invited Kelvin Rodolfo, a geologist from Chicago, to speak to the community.

He said he is completely against frac sand mining.

Rodolfo said it doesn't create as many local jobs as fracking companies would like us to believe.

His primary concern is the dust it creates.

He's not worried about the dust that you can see, rather the particles that are so small they can travel a great distance, are breathable and can cause cancer.

Rodolfo said there is an even worse effect.

"The worst thing about frac sand mining is that the frac sand miners come in and they pit neighbor against neighbor," Rodolfo said. "And that's just terrible. One person will sell a farm and perhaps get one million dollars and move out.  And his neighbors all around him are going to suffer the consequences."

Rodolfo is also concerned about frac sand mining polluting drinking water.

If sand is washed in the mining process he said the various chemicals used can get into the water.

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