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Closer look at Skyrockers at ‘Stuff the Mortars!’

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) - The La Crosse Skyrockers' New Years firework show is less than a month away.

As a fundraiser for the event, the club hosted their second annual "Stuff the Mortars!"

The open house at Myrick Park showed the public how to create and launch fireworks.

The Skyrockers even put together some of the mortar tubes that will be used to shoot fireworks at the New Years spectacular.

Those who came were encouraged to donate to the non-profit organization.

Skyrockers said it costs around $10,000 to put the big show.

"A lot of these people, they come out and they've never seen what fireworks that go into the air, like we shoot for the New Years show, look like," said Jonathan Vermes, a member of the Skyrockers. "They don't know how they look, they don't know how they get set off. So, we give them a chance to actually see how they're put together and we even give them a chance to shoot parts of what we do for the New Years show."

Counting down to the new year, the Skyrockers are hosting nightly salutes on the top Grandad Bluff.

It's a chance for the community to launch a firework.

Suggested donations are $25.

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