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Thin ice warnings issued for region

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- With Monday night's temperatures getting down to the single digits many bodies of water are beginning to freeze over.  The ice has prompted the Minnesota DNR to warn everyone not to take to the ice quite yet.

That's because although it may be cold right now, it hasn't been for all that long.  With ice beginning to completely cover lakes and rivers, the question of ice thickness begins to thicken.

"The fisherman really need to be careful because they are anxious to get out there and they want to start fishing.  Well the weather just hasn't cooperated with that yet,"  said Rochester Fire Department Captain Tom Krueger.

A vast majority of ice is not safe to walk on in the region.  So when will it be?

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says good practice should go as follows:

For a medium sized truck the ice should be between 12-15 inches.
A car should be between 8-12 inches.
For a snowmobile or ATV there should be at least five inches

Four inches is safe enough to walk on...
Anything less than two inches and your at risk of falling through, so be patient and use common sense.  And one last tip to remember snow doesn't mean ice.

"The snow will give it that insulating layer," said Krueger.  "And then that will prevent the ice from forming the thicker layers that it needs for people to be able to walk on"

Krueger also reminds everyone to keep an eye on children around bodies of water... because they love to explore.  It also won't hurt to remind people who aren't from our region the risks of going on the ice this early.

This may seem like common sense to some, but these guidelines get ignored each year.
 Last winter ice related death occurred in Minnesota.  There were four in 2010.

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