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Local church holds Service of Hope and Healing

La Crosse, WISCONSIN (WXOW) ------ 2 shooting incidents within 2 weeks have caused many people to question gun control.  How safe are our schools?  And what's being done to deal with mental illness?  One local church says that this sort of thing....around the holidays......can cause many of us to look for meaning in life and question our own faith.  That's why one local church hosted a vigil for the loved ones past and present. They called it a service of hope and healing.

James Allman says not everyone enjoys the holidays. "For whatever reason, maybe a present or past incident, the holidays just don't bring good memories."  But tonight at Wesley United Methodist Church....it's all about memories.... of loved ones.....and people across the country who might be suffering.

"There have been too many times that we've heard this story and it just has to stop." Reverend Ellen Rasmussen is talking about the shooting in Newtown Connecticut where 20 children and six adults were killed by a gunmen who went on a shooting spree.  "It can stop if we would all just get to know each other as a community."

"This setting is a perfect place to be.......to remember....to smile......to cry.....to sing........to share."

After 2 mass shootings in 2 weeks there is even more public pressure on the government and other organizations to work on stricter legislation with gun control.

The national rifle association is holding a news conference in Washington, D.C. on Friday. Another memorial service to honor the victims is this Friday at six PM at the Rotary Lights display at Riverside Park.  The service begins at six at the Ice Castle House with the Reverend Allen Townsend, Monsignor Bernard McGarty and Father Robert Cook participating.

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