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Feehan enters city mayoral race


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) - Fresh off a run for La Crosse's state senate seat, Bill Feehan announced his candidacy for mayor Saturday afternoon.

During the announcement at the Radisson Hotel, Feehan presented a three-part plan. He said he wants to improve public safety, grow La Crosse's tax base and reduce property taxes.

He plans to do this with his "1% Solution." Under the plan, Feehan suggest the city's budget should not increase faster than people's wages. He said he wants to take the money earned from new development projects in the city and apply it, to help residents pay their property taxes.

"We grow our tax base about 1 percent a year just on new development," Feehan said. "If we can hold spending to about two-and-a-half percent average – that's how much social security increases are – if we can hold increases in our city spending to the two-and-a-half percent, then if we have increases in revenue beyond that, we can apply that back to lowering our property taxes."

Feehan said public safety is also a big issue in La Crosse.

If elected, he said he wants to make sure police have adequate equipment to handle crimes and drug problems in La Crosse.

The city's mayoral race now has 13 declared candidates.

The primary will be in February, the general election is set for April 2.

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