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Two sports, one season? No problem!


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) - For Sam Leinfelder, a 12 hour day is entirely normal.

He's a senior at Logan High School and is in part re-defining what it means to be a multi-sport student athlete.

"I like putting the time in the weight room. I like spending time in there and putting up as much weight as possible," he said.

Throughout the winter sports season, Sam puts plenty of time into lifting. It's helped him go from a rookie on the Logan's powerlifting team at the start of this year, into the state's top ranked lifter for his weight class (242 pounds).

"He had a 1465 (pound) total, which right now is about 135 pounds ahead of the 2nd place guy," said Sam's dad Fritz Leinfelder.

Fritz played football in high school and at UW La Crosse, and it was his benchmarks in lifting that first inspired Sam to hit the weights.

Sam said, "I thought, you know, I should do that. Try to beat his records and do what I can."

So, Sam spends about an hour or so in the gym most days after school, where he's just getting warmed up. There's just enough time for a quick stop at home before it's off to practice with the Central-Logan ski team.

That's right. Sam's excelling in two sports in the same season.

"Both of my coaches are very understanding of what I'm doing, what I'm trying to do with each sport, and if I miss practice for an hour or however much time here and there, they understand," he said.

Sam makes it work, somehow. Fritz said it's teaching valuable life lessons.

"It's nice to see that he's focused," said Fritz. "It's a lot of discipline. He's found that ability to be able to manage all these things and still be a kid and have a good time."

Although Sam's schedule may seem draining, Fritz said the smile it puts on his son's face makes for one proud parent.

"[It's] very rewarding to see him reach those heights and see him reach those goals. As a parent, you like to see those kids smiling and happy and have accomplished what they set out to," said Fritz.

For Sam the real accomplishment will come in time. After all, this is all just off-season training for his first love: football.

In fact, Sam is currently deciding where to play college football. He's narrowed his decision down to a few schools including his dad's alma mater, UWL.

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