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COPY-Cold temperatures help three men make a masterpiece

The bitter cold is actually great for three men sculpting a 12-foot-tall creation in Wausau. They've spent all Friday outside working with snow.

Friday, the three sculptors were slowly seeing their art come to life.

"When you're roughing it out in the beginning, you can't stand it, it's hard work, but once you get it down where you can start seeing the form, then your adrenaline starts flowing," said Team USA Sculptor, Mike "Sponz" Sponholtz.

They said what was initially a block of snow, weighing about five tons, will be a tree frog.

The sculptors said it's based on a piece of art on display inside the Woodson Art Museum.

"We have a myriad of animals to choose from, and we liked the tree frog, we thought with all the undercuts on the original paper sculpture, it'd show a lot of nice shadow work in the snow," said Sponholtz.

The three men are nicknamed Sponz, Que and Martino. They've been working on the sculpture for about two days and although it's been freezing outside, they say it's nothing they can't handle.

"You want it cold, we don't want it warm, cause when it's cold like this you can pull off almost any idea you want, three-dimensionally in snow," said Sponholtz.

They said the bitterly cold temperatures are actually a good thing, that will keep the 12-foot-tall masterpiece from melting.

"It's great, we can just go at it, get this thing done and we've got a lot of good finishing work to do on this one cause of the way, it's kind of a delicate paper structure, so we want that look to it," said Team USA Sculptor, Mike Martino.

These artists said that's the best part of working with snow.

"An artist doesn't get to do an monumental sculpture that much in their life and we've done over 170 of them," said Sponholtz.

As they work through the coldest temperatures to perfect their snowy sculpture.

The sculptors said they expect to be finished on Saturday. They'll also be working on another sculpture at the 400 Block and expect to finish that one on Wednesday.

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