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Grant Writing Made Easy


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) - Nonprofit organizations go through hours of research finding grants to fund their goals. Thursday, the path to those grants was cleared significantly. Through a partnership between the La Crosse Public Library and the La Crosse Community Foundation the Nonprofit Resources Center has been re-launched. This program helps nonprofit organizations sift through the volumes of potential grants to find the ones that will work for their causes. The resource center also trains those seeking grants how to use the online database. Last year the center trained more than 40 people how to more effectively search for grants.

Executive Director of the La Crosse Community Foundation, Sheila Garrity said, "The community foundation receives lots of inquiries from nonprofits about how to apply for grants and what grant monies might be available. And, to have that kind of a resource out in the community at the public library is a tremendous resource for us to be able to refer nonprofit contacts to."

Nonprofit organizations aren't the only ones who can benefit from this program. Students can also use this resource to find grants for college.

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