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COPY-UPDATE: Standoff in Stanley ongoing; Police say there's no immediate threat to community

Stanley (WQOW) - The following is a press release from the Stanley Police Department:

"On Thursday, February 21, 2013 at approximately 2:40 PM, officers responded to a residence in the City of Stanley on Second Avenue for a report of a subject with a gun inside a residence.  Initial reports were received of a domestic incident that had taken place in the residence and the female subject was able to escape.  The male subject that was reported to have a gun is presently in his own residence.  That residence is currently surrounded by law enforcement officers and there is no immediate danger to the community.  Residences neighboring this house were asked to evacuate for safety.  We are not sure if there are still weapons inside the residence so we are using every precaution to keep law enforcement and the community safe.

The situation is currently stable and there is no immediate danger to the community, however, it is still a very dynamic situation we are working to address quickly and safely.

We are working with several law enforcement agencies to bring this situation to a speedy and safe end.  The Stanley Fire Department is helping provide traffic control.  All traffic in the area is being re-routed around the scene."


Stanley (WQOW) - A standoff is underway this evening in Stanley.

Police were called to a home on 2nd Avenue after a man allegedly fired a gunshot inside the home.  His girlfriend was not hurt and she was able to get out of the house.  But Chippewa County sheriff's officials say the man is refusing to come out. They also say he is not making any threats.  The SWAT team is now on scene.  The incident started around 3:30 Thursday afternoon.

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