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Candidates and Issues: La Crosse School Board-Dawn Comeau

Dawn Comeau Dawn Comeau

Dawn grew up on the Northside of LaCrosse and attended Franklin Elementary, Logan Middle and Logan High School.  She graduated from Logan and attended UW – LaCrosse and received a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Psychology.  During her high school and college career she worked at her parent's gas station, Comeau's Service Center and learned the lesson that manual labor is very gratifying and that it is good to get dirty sometimes.

After college, Dawn moved to the Twin Cities and worked for a plastic recycling company and volunteered at the Minnesota Zoo.  There she grew an appreciation for logic of reduce, reuse, recycle and the affects it has our lifestyle and our environment.

18 years ago she returned to LaCrosse and started working at Gundersen Lutheran in the Information Systems Department.  During her career at GL, she has accomplished many things.  She started with the basics of printing and distribution, moved into realm of network and account security.  She has been a speaker at a national conference discussing the automated process that she helped develop to eliminate the time consuming process for managing user identities across multiple platforms.  She has since moved into the position of Data Courier Administrator and loves what she does.

In her spare time she is President of the Northside Elementary PTO and has been involved with the PTO for 7 years. She is also the current Chairperson of the District Wide Parent Committee and has been attending those meetings for the past 6 years.  She has two children, a daughter who attends Logan Middle and a son who attends Northside Elementary and feels that the education that they receive from the LaCrosse School District is very important.

Dawn believes that education is a key component to a happy life.  The ability to use your mind to plan and solve problems to help you succeed is something that an education can give and nobody can take away.  She believes that the school district is currently doing a good job at educating the children of LaCrosse but would like to be part of the school board to make sure that the decisions that are made keep all students in mind.  She believes that safety in the schools is a very important thing but also realizes that the purpose of the school in the end is to educate the students.  Dawn believes in the Safe Routes to School program and encourages kids to walk to school and believes we need to further that healthy lifestyle by continuing to utilize the Farm to School program and introducing fruits and vegetables to the students.  Dawn believes that a bachelors degree is a great goal for many students but realizes that college is not for all kids and understands our society continues to need skilled manual labor.  She would like to help the school district continue to build those programs for the future.

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