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What movies mean to the La Crosse community


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) - Whether watching an action movie, drama, or a nominated best picture, in La Crosse, people use movies to escape from the world.

That's what those catching the matinee at Marcus Cinema said.

"A movie takes you out of all the every day small problems or big problems and helps you just be able to enjoy life," said moviegoer Kathy Schams.

As they stock up snacks, especially that golden buttered popcorn, some moviegoers said movies make them feel as golden as the heroes on the screen.

"There are different scenarios in life, and the scenarios in movies puts me right there and I know what to do," said moviegoer Noah Salow.

Those unable to catch a flick in the theater said a video rental is the next best thing.

"It's easy to be captured in anything when you get to sit around with your families and your loved ones and get to enjoy something all together," said Andy Behnke, manager in training at Onalaska's Family Video. "I think movies really provide a great medium for that."

Whether you want to be captured in laughter or tears, movies have the ability to capture your heart.

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