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Snow covered road causes La Crescent crash


LA CRESCENT, MN (WXOW)—A woman is in the hospital after a one car accident just after 7 a.m. on Highway 14 in La Crescent.

Minnesota State Patrol said the driver lost control of her vehicle as she came down off the bridge, went over the embankment and then rolled onto its roof on Blue Lake.

The driver was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries; she was the only person in the vehicle.

Sgt. Mark Inglett said she just lost control driving on the snow covered road.

"We just keep asking people to reduce your speed and increase following distance if you do lose control try to stay off the brakes, just ease off the accelerator," Sgt. Inglett said.

He said a few other things to keep in mind when driving in snowy conditions are to increase stopping distance dramatically, and leave a lot more space between yourself and other vehicles.  He also said not to use cruise control.

"Cruise control is basically for bare dry roads," Sgt. Inglett said. "The vehicle then controls the accelerator rather than you. If cruise control senses it needs to accelerate, it will over accelerate and you'll lose control."

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