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Jefferson Award Winner says do one nice thing a day

Winona, Minnesota (WXOW) ---- "He said just keep on goin'. Keep on doing what you're doing. Then he looked up at me and he was gone."  

Those were the last words of Janet Seabern's husband, Cliff who died last year.   Both were busy before, but now, Janet vows to never stop. People are her priority. "I've got neighbors next door he's a single guy with 3 kids and I always try to cheer him up and cheer up the kids. I bake a lot and give it to them."

Janet volunteered her whole life. And in Winona-all over the place. At the hospital, the Lions Club, her church.

But what she's most known for is being a super landlord. Actually more like a mom to students from the college. We talk so much and I discovered that she's done all these things and she's volunteered with so many organizations and she's put her whole life into helping others - she really has.

Janet's gift is inspiring others through her thoughtfulness which she says anyone can do. The student who nominated her, Diane Laurence says Janet has changed her life. "She's made me a better person. She's told me stories that I'll always remember.  She just left me an Easter basket the other day." And one for the neighbor kids who don't have a mom.

Besides following the advice of her beloved husband cliff why does this Jefferson Award Winner volunteer? "I have no idea but I like it. I tell some people to pitch in and help and some do and some don't."

And the ones that do learn to appreciate the simple things-like Garfield the cat, quality time around the table, and passing on all you've learned to a friend.

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