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COPY-UPDATE: Search continues for Kira Trevino

The search continues this week for a missing D.C. Everest graduate.

On Monday, investigators waded in Maplewood Creek looking for any sign of Kira Trevino, 30.
She's been missing for almost a month from her home in Minnesota.

Kira's husband, Jeffery Trevino, is charged in her death. But her body has not been found. Police believe Kira Trevino is dead based on the amount of blood found in her car and home.

During a search Sunday, police say community members did find some items near Maplewood's Keller Lake that were handed over to police. Family members of Kira Trevino also took part in that search.

Officials say it's too soon to know if the items are related to Trevino's disapperance, but police will be reviewing them.

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