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Tornado drill prepares students for the real thing

La Crosse, Wisconsin (WXOW) ---- Governor Scott Walker has declared the week of April 15th through the 19th "Tornado and Severe Weather Awareness Week" in Wisconsin.   The Governor is asking schools to run safety drills and go over proper procedures with students in the event of a severe weather situation. Lincoln Elementary is one of the schools in our area running a tornado drill.

On most days you can catch a few people in the hall and hear the slam of a locker but today you see students single file walking to their "safe place."  School principal, Laura Huber is also a mother of 2 so she realizes the value in a drill.  "I'm always relieved when I know the kids have practiced. They come home and tell me about it and then we talk about it and what we would do at home if something like that happened at home. 2 years ago I was out of the city for the day at that point and my kids were home alone and they did what we practiced and stayed safe so I know that practice makes a difference."

Studies have found that there is great success in even thinking about what you would do in an emergency.  In Wisconsin schools run statewide tornado drills today the kids are actually taking cover something they would do in an actual tornado. Due to their age it's best they practice what they'll do in a real emergency. And these drills are not only helpful in cases of bad weather.

Ryan Berndt runs the physical education department and he says "It's definitely eye opening when you know what's going on in the nation and in the world but our safety team in the school district of la Crosse as well as other schools in the area have a good plan in place and they modify it to make sure it's up to date with current events and as long as we follow it we're good to go."

In light of the school shooting in Newtown, the use of an Ipad can display what children need to do in case the situation requires the kids to be silent.  It also saves teachers time and eventually could save lives.

Experts say the time to think about what you would do or how you would react in an emergency is before you are in one and they suggest making a plan at home with your family.

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