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Rise of the Machines


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) - As robots took over the Lunda Center at Western Friday, students from all over the area showed their programming skills. The High School Robotics Challenge brings students from 16 high schools in the area to compete in three programming tests. The students use normal home computers and laptops to program the small robots, which have a wide array of sensors that measure everything from distance to temperature. Many of the students only started programming three weeks ago and are able to control these robots already.

Jon Burman, Electronics instructor at Western said, "What it does for students is it shows them that electronics isn't difficult. A lot of people think that its really hard or difficult and in essence, once you get that key concept down and you learn how to do it it becomes fun. And anytime anything becomes fun, it isn't difficult, its fun."

Jon added that this is so much fun for some students, one group chose to compete over going on their class field trip.

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