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COPY-WI's top Republicans speak at GOP Convention

ROTHSCHILD (WKOW) -- Some high profile Wisconsin Republicans are up in the Wausau area this weekend for the annual GOP Convention.

Gov. Scott Walker and U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan spoke about the party's future in Rothschild on Saturday.

Despite a significant divide in previous years, Ryan says he hopes Republicans and Democrats can come together on big issues like immigration reform, which has gotten a lot of attention lately.

"Trying to find common ground on the reform, but we do have Democrats running the federal government right now so we do need to work together," says Ryan.

Marathon County Democrats also acknowledged the need for both parties to set aside their differences.

"When everyone votes the party line or else-- and I say that for both sides-- it's really hard to make compromise in order to get things done; we see that nationally and statewide, so do I think there's a chance to work together? Yes, if the people tell them they better," says Dorothy Miller, chair of the Marathon County Democratic Party.

The state Democratic convention will be held next month in Oconomowoc.

In a speech, Gov. Walker said Republicans are the ones who "care about the everyday people of this state and country." The governor talked about his efforts to change the state Medicaid program, which would lower income levels to qualify. He says that helps people become independent from the government, which is a goal of the Republican Party.

Walker also urged support of his agenda that includes an income tax cut and expansion of the private school voucher program beyond Milwaukee and Racine.

Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus said in a speech Saturday morning that Wisconsin's GOP elected officials are leading the way to help reform the party to better compete with Democrats. He says Republicans must be working year-round on organizing and attracting more people to the party. Priebus is also calling for changing the Republican presidential primary system.

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