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Mission Teamwork; "Marching Orders"


Camp Pendleton, CA (WXOW) Marine recruits must conquer a number of obstacle courses to graduate from boot camp. Each is designed to simulate a real combat situation. The obstacles alone are challenging; even more so when you have to complete them as a team.

A group of Wisconsin educators enrolled in the Marine Corps educators workshop traveled to the Recruit Depot in San Diego to learn more about recruit training. While there, the educators got a reminder about how challenging teamwork can be.


Everything marines do they do together. If one fails they all fail. Through obstacles courses like those at Camp Pendleton, recruits learn to depend on themselves and their teammates. A lesson the Wisconsin educators found far more challenging than they expected. "It's difficult. It's very difficult. Not only do you need to work together, you need to have the agility and the muscle to be able to go through the obstacle course, which is a big challenge.", says Math teacher Nancy Jayne.

In this scenario the group's mission is to transport an injured marine through a culvert and back to safety. Every member of the group must participate.

Another involved carrying a barrel and wounded marine across a rope bridge. The educators had a limited amount of time to make a plan and even less time to put that plan into place.

Many of the groups completed their task, but their success didn't come without some frustration and a new appreciation for the young men of the Marine Corps can achieve.

The educators completed about half of the obstacles. The hardest part for many was not being strong enough, or tall enough, or even short enough to make it through the course.

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