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Tips to better handle a tornado


UNDATED (WXOW) - In the wake of the tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma on Monday, here are some tips to be better prepared should a tornado happen in our area.

When severe weather is in the area, choose a reliable source of information and monitor the situation until the weather has passed. The Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs recommends listening to a NOAA Weather Radio, also known as an Emergency Weather Radio.

Seek shelter in the best place possible immediately after a tornado warning is announced. You may not have time to check for other shelter. A basement is ideal to hide from the storm. If you cannot get to a basement, get to the lowest level of the building and put as many walls between you and the storm.

Remember to protect your head and neck, as most injuries are the result of flying debris and high winds.

After the storm has passed, check for down power lines, gas leaks and structural damage. If you are returning home, do not enter your house until local officials say it is ok to do so. Have a building inspector look at your home if you have further doubts about your safety.

Use text messages, emails and social media to let others know you are ok. Keep phone lines open for first responders. You can also let others know you are safe by using this Red Cross website.

Continue to monitor the weather using an emergency radio or other news sources.

You can find more information about tornado safety and storm preparedness at Ready Wisconsin's website.

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