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Police again praise use of surveillance video following Monday's homicide arrest


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) -- Following the arrest of 25-year old Mitrel Anderson in connection with Sunday's homicide at a La Crosse Kwik Trip store, police are again praising the use of video surveillance technology by investigators.

Video from the Kwik Trip store helped police identify Anderson as a suspect, La Crosse Police Chief Ron Tischer said at a Monday news conference. "It's hard to disprove something if you see it on video," said Lt. Pat Hogan, of the La Crosse Police force.

Police used video footage to make an arrest in the homicide of Kristen Rodgers -- who was killed in a La Crosse alley last spring. Rodgers's killer was eventually convicted and sentenced to life in prison.

Surveillance footage also helped police identify a suspect in the slayings of Paul and AJ Petras. The father and son were shot inside their family photo store last fall. The suspect in the Petras homicides is still awaiting trial.

"It's never easy," Hogan said. "These investigations take a lot of work." But Hogan added surveillance video has expedited all three recent homicide cases. "In the last few cases we've been able to get the suspect in custody fairly quickly," he said. Hogan also said new technology has made surveillance cameras more effective.

He said as recent as two years ago, surveillance video would often be "grainy" when viewed, making it harder to identify the subjects on film. But Tischer on Monday called Kwik Trip's surveillance cameras "state of the art."

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