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Learning to be safe around fireworks

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) - Children and parents gathered around a northside La Crosse playground today to learn about fireworks safety.

The Skyrockers, who put on displays each New Years and the Fourth of July, showed community members how pyrotechnics are displayed and what safety precautions should be taken around fireworks.

Kids were able to get hands on experience firework launching while yelling what the Skyrockers shout before propelling a firework--"Fire away!"

They also showed the damaging effects that improper safety can lead to. Many people do not understand the damage one mistake can do. As an example they filled a rubber glove with jello and showed it ooze after being in contact with open flame.

Pat Bonadurer, President of the La Crosse Skyrockers states, "Something's always going to go wrong sometime with fireworks. People get so reliant that fireworks are always going to work the same way and when they don't there are explosive powers in fireworks that really could cause good bodily injury."

The Skyrockers hope to share safety techniques through the community through events like this and they hope to do it again next year.

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