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Mudslides cause damage to homes in Lansing

A state of emergency has been declared in four counties due to heavy rains causing flash flooding, river flooding and even mudslides this weekend.

The storms struck overnight Saturday into Sunday morning, bringing heavy rain to already saturated parts of Allamakee and Winneshiek counties in Iowa and Grant and Crawford counties in Wisconsin.

In those areas, there have already been some rescues from those stranded in the storm, while others watched their homes get water damage or even worse.

Arlen Wonderlick has always had a love for the Mississippi River. He raised his family in Waukon for 24 years and, after moving to Phoenix, Ariz., he bought a summer home in Lansing.

On Sunday afternoon, Wonderlick and friends were moving out of his dream home.

"I hate to give it up," he said. "It's been something that I cherish because, in my veterinary practice days, I would drive here and think it would be nice to have a home here along the river. This home became available. And now that dream is tarnished."

After having two nights of heavy rain, his home was threatened by saturated soil.

"I heard a bunch of rock and saw some mud coming down the hillside and that was about midnight, so I told my wife we probably should leave," Wonderlick said.

Wonderlick and his wife made their way to a friend's house, where they spent the night. Sunday morning, he received a shocking call from a neighbor.

"A neighbor here said that a tree had fallen against our house and shoved the house right off our foundation," Wonderlick said.

On Sunday, Wonderlick and his friends moved furniture and items out of the leaning home.

"We are going to get all of our stuff out of the house tonight," he said. "I think the forecast calls for more rain, and that house is pretty unstable -- it could go on over the bay with more rain.".

There were some other homes that were also damaged in Lansing by mudslides.

Allamakee County Emergency Management is asking residents with flood or mud damage to their homes to call (563) 568-4233.

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