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Authorities identify body of missing crew member as Genoa man

Rescuers launch a boat below Lock and Dam Number 7 Wednesday morning. Rescuers launch a boat below Lock and Dam Number 7 Wednesday morning.
La Crosse Dive Unit boat joining in search for missing boater La Crosse Dive Unit boat joining in search for missing boater

DRESBACH, Minnesota (WXOW) - Divers recover the body of the missing crew member inside the tugboat that tipped over after going through Lock and Dam No. 7 Wednesday morning according to Winona County Sheriff Dave Brand.

"When we were able to get the dive team out, one diver did go in and the deceased 22-year-old male, not the top floor but the second floor down and he was in there and he did have a life jacket on," Brand said.

He says divers found the body of the 22-year-old Tyler Trussoni from Genoa man around 3:15 p.m. on the second deck of the Megan McB where he was last seen prior to the boat going over the dam around 6:15 a.m.

The water conditions made it impossible for rescuers to enter the boat, so a specialized dive team from Brennan Marine conducted the recovery mission.

"We did not go inside the tug boat because its full of water," Brand said. "It's on it's side and we didn't want to send any divers in there at this point because it's took risky for our divers."

More than half a dozen area rescue teams assisted in the search.

"Many departments were involved and everyone did a great job and we did the best we could, as quickly as we could with the manpower that we had," Brand said.

The Winona County Sheriff's Department and Brennan Marine, owner of the vessel, said Trussoni was married and had worked for Brennan for three years. 

Two other crew members on the Megan McB were injured but were able to get off the vessel.  They were taken to Gundersen Health System in La Crosse for treatment. 


DRESBACH, Minnesota (WXOW) - UPDATE: Crews from Brennan Marine have arrived at the boat landing below Lock and Dam No. 7 and are putting a boat in the water according to our crew on the scene. The company was getting a crew of divers together to help search and stabilize the M/V Megan McB that tipped over after going over a roller gate at the dam early Wednesday morning.

The vessel is laying on its side just below the roller gate.


DRESBACH, Minnesota (WXOW) - UPDATE: Rescue crews continue to look for a missing 22-year-old tugboat crew member following an accident at Lock and Dam Number 7 this morning.

According to Winona County Sheriff Dave Brand, the missing man is identified as a 22-year-old married man from Wisconsin. Brennan Marine confirms to WXOW that the boat, the M/V Megan McB, belongs to their company. Mark Binsfeld of Brennan said that the three men are from the La Crosse and Lansing, Iowa area. He did not give specifics on what their jobs were on the boat.

Brand said Wednesday morning at 6:15 a.m., the tugboat lost power, made a 60 degree turn, dropped over the roller gate on the dam, then tipped on its side. Sheriff Brand said it is the same gate where a houseboat went over in May before sinking south of the dam.

Three people on the tugboat went into the water in the accident.  Brand said all three were wearing life jackets at the time of the accident. Two of the people, who Brand said were on the top deck of the tug, were able to get to safety.  The pair suffered only minor injuries according to Ron Ganrude of the Sheriff's Department.  The men were taken to Gundersen Health System for treatment.

The third person, the one who is missing, was in the middle deck of the tug according to Brand.

Brand said the search is focusing on the boat. According to our crew at the scene, searchers are six people are on the tug looking in the windows to see if the missing man is trapped inside.  They are also using a robot to see inside the vessel.

Brand said they are waiting for three divers and a backup diver who will enter the tug as part of the search. Before that happens, Brand said Brennan has to stabilize the vessel before the divers can enter. 

Several boats from area agencies are assisting in the search including La Crescent, Town of Campbell, and La Crosse. The Mayo One helicopter also flew over the river area as part of the search.

As the search continues, the river above and below the lock and dam is closed for four miles downstream and six miles upstream according to Brand.

The Coast Guard is sending an investigator to look into the incident.

We will continue to have updates on this developing story here on and on our broadcasts.



DRESBACH, Minnesota (WXOW) - Drive and Rescue Crews are at Lock and Dam Number 7, near Dresbach, searching the river for a missing boater.

News 19 has a news crew on the scene at the moment, but the details are still coming in.

According to officials on scene, the boat went over the dam. There were three people who went into the water. At the moment, two of those people are out of the water, their conditions  are unknown at this time.

According to Incident Command, a third person who went into the water is unaccounted for. 

We will update you as more information becomes available.  Stay tuned to News 19 as well as for the latest on this developing story.  

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