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Loggers' pitcher carries on family's baseball tradition


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) -- La Crosse Logger Derek Gordon comes from quite the baseball family. 

"We've got baseball in our blood," Gordon said. 

Gordon, a 6-foot-5 pitcher, is the youngest of four brothers who grew up in Lincoln, Neb. 
All four played baseball. 

"We're just like any other baseball family," Gordon said. 

"One of us just happens to be playing major league baseball," he added with a chuckle. 

Gordon's brother Alex is a star outfielder with the Kansas City Royals. 

But Derek said, to the rest of the family, Alex is just one of the guys. 

"He's just the guy that grew up across the table from me," Derek Gordon said. "Ever since I was born, there he was, just across the table from me eating dinner." 

"I don't see him as the left fielder of the Royals like everybody else sees him," he said. 

Despite Derek playing a different position than his older brother, he said he still often seeks out Alex's advice.  

"He always gives me great advice about how to look at hitters and what they're expecting," he said. 

But Derek is also quick to point out he's not just Alex's brother. He's a gifted baseball player with his own, unique set of skills. 

Gordon has so far made five appearances on the mound for the Loggers. 

In the spring, Gordon pitched 13 times for Park University in Missouri. He went 6-3 with one save for the Pirates, recording a 3.83 ERA. 

Gordon said he's hoping to further improve while playing with the Loggers. 

"I'm hoping to get better at reading batters," he said, "and playing against better competition." 

"I want to just work on my pitches and learn from the coaches here," Gordon said. 

He added his long term goals are loftier, much like his brother's once were. 

"It's every kid's dream that plays baseball to make it to the major leagues," Gordon said. "I hope, one day, to make it. But it's a long journey." 

"I've still got a long ways to go," Gordon said. "A lot of work to accomplish." 


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