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Angie's List: Ductless Air Conditioners


Undated (WXOW) - Keeping the house cool during the summer is a top priority for most homeowners.  Some people will turn to central air or a window unit for heat relief, but a ductless air conditioner can also help. 

Ductless air conditioners work best in situations where you may not have ductwork, like a sunroom, or in areas where running ductwork is difficult.  They are also ideal for rooms where your HVAC system isn't keeping the air at a comfortable temperature.

"A ductless air conditioner can cost about $1,500 to $2,000 per ton of cooling capacity," said Angie's List founder, Angie Hicks. "But you need to remember while these systems are more expensive, not having the ductwork can be a little bit more efficient than a traditional air conditioner because you lose about 20% of the efficiency from the ductwork."

Some ductless systems also provide heat. You may need to purchase a separate heat pump, but some models come with heat strips already installed.

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