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Mystery drummer caught on video at Coalition Drum Shop ID'd


LA CROSSE, WI (WXOW)—Last week, Coalition Drum Shop captured a video of a senior woman playing drums in the store.

Over night, the video went viral more than 100 thousand people have seen it.

Shortly after our story aired at six o'clock on Friday, viewers identified the woman seen in the video at Mary Hvida.

Mary told us, she used to play drums in a band but doesn't have a drum set any more.  She said she is glad Coalition Drum Shop lets come in and play when ever she gets the musical urge.

When we told Mary a lot of people are impressed by her drumming skills shown on Youtube, she said she knew nothing about the video.

Mary isn't a stranger at Coalition.

"You don't expect a lot after seeing a bunch of people coming in," Dustin Hackworth, Manager, Coalition Drum Shop said. "Her sitting down and starting to play. Incredible. We were blown away. I've never seen someone at that age play at that level. It was awesome."

Mary first came in to play about a year and a half ago.

"She asked if she could play," Carl Johnson, Owner, and Coalition Drum Shop said. "I said certainly, and she sat down and wailed away. She did a terrific job."

And all he got was her first name, Mary.

"I always told my guys here if she ever comes in again, try to pull out a video recorder," Johnson said.

Last weekend was their chance.

"It was kind of a crazy day," Hackworth said.  "I just grabbed the camera and was trying to be incognito at first but once she saw I was video taping she starting doing the stick twirling and really got into it."

The video Hackworth captured of Mary was just sitting on this memory card until last night.

"I went to bed last night and it was at 300," Hackworth said. "I work up this morning and it was at 35,000. That was shocking."

How did Mary get that good? Well, they don't know.

"She told us the history of being a drummer," Johnson said. "I believe she told me about the band she played in the 40s and 50s."

Check out News 19 on Saturday at 6 and 10 p.m. to hear Mary's drumming story.

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