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Lepsch's palm print found at scene


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW)-- Friday marked the third day of testimony in the trial of Jeffrey Lepsch.

He's the man accused in the shooting death's of 56-year-old Paul Petras and his 19-year-old son A.J. at their photo store in downtown La Crosse last September.

Matthew Olesen, forensics computer expert testified that the web history on a computer from Lepsch's home included visits to Amazon.com seller pages for a variety of camera gear. Olesen also testified the computer revealed a Google search and web forum discussing how to find a serial number on a camera and a Craigslist posting.

Olesen read a portion of the post to jurors, "Awesome kit, but I need the money."

Another investigator testified a list obtained from Amazon showed Lepsch sold 13 items on the site after the murders.

And while Lepsch's DNA and fingerprints were not found on the scene, one analyst did find a palm print on a display counter in the store matched Lepsch's left hand.

"The palm print, the latent, was sufficient clarity and it was a clear print, there was no distortion, there was a lot of detail there, there was a lot there to compare," said Karley Hujet, a state crime lab forensic scientist.

But the defense contends its bad science and questioned the methods used to analyze that print.

Hujet testified she followed all procedure and protocol, including having her work checked by another analyst.

The day wrapped up with Sgt. Mike Blokhuis on the stand. He testified Lepsch was behind on his mortgage and so behind on his electric bills the company was threatening to shut off power. Monday will resume with the cross examination of Sgt. Blokhuis.

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