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Lepsch convicted but questions remain


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW)-- After four hours of deliberations a jury convicted Jeffrey Lepsch of first degree intentional homicide in the shooting deaths of Paul and A.J. Petras.

District attorney Tim Gruenke applauded the verdict but says he still has questions.

"There's still a lot of unanswered questions about why and what really happened in the store that we may not ever know," Gruenke said.

During Closing arguments Gruenke told jurors maybe its best we don't know exactly what happened in Paul and A.J.'s final moments.

"Did Paul hear A.J. getting shot while he was in the bathroom? Did he hear his son being pistol whipped? Did A.J. hear is father being shot twice, once through the neck and once through the head?"

Lepsch's attorney, Vincent Rust kept his comments short after the verdict.

"This is a tragedy, for everybody involved, that includes my client, my clients family has been horribly traumatized by this we don't really have anything else to say right now," Rust said.

Meanwhile Paul's sister, Marilyn Ketterer, expressed gratitude to all those who aided in the investigation that led to this conviction.

"All the people that have worked on this case, especially the businessmen who submitted , the businessmen in La Crosse for the videos, and all the support the community gave for our family and the jury for coming up with the right decision-- thank you," Ketterer said.

Sherri and Allison Petras, the victims immediate family, didn't attend the trial. After the verdict, Gruenke said they're relieved and satisfied with the results but a guilty verdict doesn't bring back the other half of their family.

"It's very sad," Gruenke said. "Paul and A.J. still lost their lives and it's hard to be happy."

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