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Letter to newspaper claims brothers in Argyle murder are innocent

ARGYLE (WKOW) --  A family member of Sharon Wand confirms to 27 WKOW she did in fact write the letter to The Monroe Times, recanting her story about a fatal fire that killed her three sons.

The letter sent to the newspaper claims Armin Wand III, Sharon's husband and his brother, Jeremy Wand, are innocent in the fire September 7, 2012. Sharon says she lied to police when she originally talked to them, and has now apologized to her husband. Sharon Wand claims there are two innocent people in custody, and ends the letter, "I know the truth about night, I was there."


ARGYLE (WKOW) -- It appears the wife of an Argyle man convicted of killing three of their children now says he's innocent.

The Monroe Times was sent a letter claiming to be from Sharon Wand, the wife of Armin Wand III. In it, Sharon recants her story she first told police about the night her home went up in flames, killing her three sons.

In the letter to the newspaper, Sharon Wand now says Armin and her brother-in-law, Jeremy Wand are innocent. The letter claims Sharon was on pain medication when she talked with police and calls what she said "lies."

Armin Wand was found guilty by a jury in Lafayette County of murder. Police say he set fire to their Argyle home, killing his three sons. Sharon and their 2-year-old daughter were injured in the fire, and Sharon lost her unborn child.

Jeremy Wand pleaded guilty in the case, but has recently asked a judge to take back his guilty plea. His case is still pending.

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