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Angie's List: How to Spot a Plumbing Leak


Undated (WXOW) - Have you ever received a water bill that seemed unusually high?  The reason for such a drastic increase is usually a leak somewhere.  

Angie's List Report found out that we often don't think about the plumbing in our homes, until something goes wrong.  A leak, if left untreated or undetected, can lead to serious damage and costly repairs.

"Water can be your home's worst enemy," said Angie Hicks, from Angie's List.  "Leaving leaks unattended can lead to serious damage to your home. For example, a leak behind a wall could require drywall repair. A small drywall repair job can cost as much as $400, not to mention if you end up with mold. For example, a mold remediation job can be anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars."

Hicks adds it's best to tackle plumbing leaks, even small ones, immediately.

An easy sign of a leak in your house could be a stain on the wall or on the floor and it might smell musty.

There are a couple of simple ways to check if your toilet is leaking.  Place a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank and wait 15 minutes. If the food coloring has entered the toilet bowl without the toilet being flushed you know you have a leak. Another thing you can do, lay toilet paper along the base of the toilet and flush the toilet.  If there's a leak, you'll begin to see the water wicking into the tissue paper.

Some additional sources for water loss include dripping faucets within the house and a garden hose mistakenly being left open for days.

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