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Fishing Moody Lake Michigan for Kings and Steelhead


ALGOMA, Wisconsin (WXOW)-- Lake Michigan is known for world class salmon and trout fishing. For this week's outdoor report, the Northland Adventures team travels north to Algoma, Wisconsin.

When dawn is still dark, the Algoma Marina begins buzzing.

From May to September, dozens of eager fisherman depart each day before daylight.

For this trip, the temperature is 44 degrees with winds out of the North at 4 a.m.

While the wind is calm near the Algoma Pierhead Lighthouse, Lake Michigan is moody about 8 miles out.

Kinn's Sport Fishing is in search of King Salmon and Steelheads.

These fish enjoy deep water.

There were rocky waves for this outing, so we only were are fishing at 327 feet.

Kinn's Sport Fishing said this is some of the worse conditions they have seen all summer.

"The front is making for some difficult fishing here this morning. These waves will definitely make fishing more of a challenge and change the bite," said Troy Mattson of Kinn's Sport Fishing.

Mattson has been working in the industry for 19 years.

He said for late August, 44 degrees is cold.

"We have seen a lot of ups and downs in the industry. There is a lot of difference in how we fish these things.," said Mattson.

Setup is specific, so our captain Troy and his first mate, Alex do all the work.

The duo places 14 rods behind the boat.

Each rod has about 100 dollars worth of hardware on the line.

"I remember when I first started fished with downriggers and dipsy divers and now we are running a lot more lead core or cooper lines 10 ounce lines with planterboards we are trying to cover as much of the water as we can and getting more lines away from the boat," said Mattson.

Our Northland team hopes first light sparks a bite.

The team is made up of reporters Lindsey Hayes, Lauren Magiera, Keith Kadinger, Dave Roll and host, Dave Carlson.

Keith and Lindsey are both avid anglers, however this is their first time fishing for Kings and Steelhead.

Keith hooked a king salmon.

While Lindsey, hooked a steelhead, otherwise known as a rainbow trout.

"Kings definitely take out a lot more line- they have a lot more horsepower behind them verse a rainbow. Rainbows are more of the acrobats- a lot of them can jump three or four feet out of the water," said Mattson.

The easiest ways to identify a steelhead are by its white gums and its square tail.

According to Kinn's Sport Fishing, the average fish is between six or eight pounds.

As a team, we end the day five for five.

Kinn's Sport Fishing said the fight and the fun attracts 5,000 anglers each year.

According to the Wisconsin DNR, the largest king salmon caught on Lake Michigan is 44 lb. 15 oz. and the largest steelhead was caught back is 27 lb. 2 oz.

Kinn's Sport Fishing:

P.O. Box 245
Algoma, WI 54201



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