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Meet the Dairy Industry Person of the Year: Wisconsin Dairy News


MADISON, Wisconsin (WXOW) - Ken Nordlund, a clinical professor at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine, is receiving recognition as World Dairy Expo's 2013 Dairy Industry Person of the Year.

"My colleague, Sheila McGuirk received the award a year ago, and for two veterinarians working in the industry to be recognized by the industry at large; we're flattered!" exclaims Ken.

For decades Ken has focused his efforts on overall herd health by studying barn structures related to animal housing and comfort, increasing stall width and feeding space for fresh cows, and improving air flow quality in calf barns.

"Where he's focused his time and initiatives is preventative aspects of, how do we not just treat dairy cattle, but how do we keep dairy cattle healthier and happier in more of a preventative and proactive approach, and that's where he's made significant contributions," says Scott Bentley the General Manager of the World Dairy Expo.

Although Ken remains humble about this recognition, farmers whom he's helped think it's well deserved.

"He's put in his time, he's worked very hard. A lot of the things he's put together have worked. His tools that he's brought out to the farm, his ideas, we've implemented them here at the dairy, and the cows are doing well," Chuck Ripp, Owner and Partner of Ripp's Dairy Valley.

For Ken, it's all in a day's work; helping animals and the farmers who care for them.

"Some of the greatest pleasures in this job are solving animal health problems, but in particular, working with these families who own these animals," says Ken.  

Ken will receive his award at World Dairy Expo during the "Dinner With The Stars" Banquet on October 2nd.


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