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Dog rescued from Eau Claire island found her forever home


UPDATE: Eau Claire (WQOW) - A long journey for a dog who stole our hearts came to a happy ending Tuesday (10/16).

Gilly, the dog that was abandoned on an island in the Chippewa River, went home with her new family.

Gilly has been through a lot recently. She earned the name after being marooned on the island, alone, for eight or more days. She was rescued and taken to the humane association. She had to gain weight and go through social training before she was put up for adoption. The couple who is adopting the five-year-old mix says they knew Gilly would be the perfect fit for their family after meeting her only once.

"We were just looking for a dog and then we found out her story. We are able to give her lots of love and attention so we figured she needs it, so we'll give it to her," Tiffany Edington, half of the couple who adopted her says.

"We fell in love with her when we got here I guess," Mitchel Smith says.

The couple says they've stocked up on dog food and treats and they can't wait to spoil her. They plan to keep her name as a reminder of all she's been through.


Eau Claire (WQOW) - After no one stepped up to claim her, a dog with a name inspired by a famous castaway is now looking for her forever home.

Last week we introduced you to Gilly, short for Gilligan. She was rescued off an island under the North Crossing in Eau Claire. It's believed Gilly was abandoned on the island and was there for at least 8 days.

The owners had seven days to step up and claim Gilly, but no one did. Gilly has been now vaccinated, treated for parasites, and gone through a behavior assessment. After passing with flying colors she's now officially ready to be adopted.

"Though she still is going to need a little bit of training, I think that in a new home she is going to do that best. She really is just going to need somebody who is going to make her feel confident about herself, kind of bring her out of her shell a bit, but at the same time is going to be a consistent source of some good discipline to remind her that even though she's feeling better she can't necessarily come and take food out of your hand," says Eau Claire County Humane Officer, Bekah Weitz.

The six year old pooch gets along with animals and children. October is also ADOPT- A - DOG month at the Eau Claire Humane Association. There is $25 dollars off the adoption fee.

If you'd like to learn more about adopting Gilly or another dog, click here.

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