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COPY-President lays out priorities for Congress moving forward


WASHINGTON (WKOW) -- President Barack Obama addressed the nation Thursday morning after Washington lawmakers came to a last minute deal to end the government shutdown and avoid defaulting on loans.

President Obama said the shutdown "inflicted unnecessary damage" to the American economy and damaged our credibility around the world. He added the way that business is done in Washington has to change.


The President went onto say now that the shutdown is over, he wants lawmakers to focus on a long-term plan for the budget, immigration reform, and a farm bill.


Congressional negotiators started talking about the issue already Thursday. The President wants both parties to pursue a budget that lowers deficits, invests in education and infrastructure, cuts unnecessary spending and closes corporate loopholes.

President Obama also wants Congress to finish an immigration bill by the end of the year. A proposal put forth this year passed the Senate but stalled in the House.

The President says his third priority is to pass the farm bill, which he calls "overdue." The House and Senate are at odds on what to include in a farm bill.


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