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Northland Adventures: Bow hunt helps teen overcome adversity


BLAIR, Wisconsin (WXOW)-- Cooler temperatures mean the rut is quickly approaching for deer and thousands of archers are taking to the woods across Wisconsin.

While some hunters own their own property, many others rely on public land or a guided hunt.

Monarch Valley Whitetails is a hidden gem located in Blair, Wisconsin and along with hosting avid hunters, the lodge is gifting a hunt to a special visitor.

Brad Ewert is from Melrose.

The 15 year old and his family are lodging and relaxing, taking in the beautiful view and are eating and hunting for free in big buck territory.

"It is not all about the kill. It is about enjoying yourself and relaxing," said Ewert.

Brad lives with Frederick's Ataxia.

His dad, Wayne Evert says Frederick's Ataxia affects his muscles. "It is like his muscles and ligaments are shutting down, so he loses his balance. Brad shoots a crossbow. This way we can cock it for him and he can sit and shoot with a shooting stick. Brad would not be able to hunt with a compound bow. This is great," said Wayne Evert.

Frederick's Ataxia creates challenges, but none too large for Brad to overcome.

He gets a helping hand to his stand and is a great shot with his crossbow.

"I like using a crossbow because it is like a gun. I always take a deep breath and aim for the heart and lungs," said Brad Evert.

Brad and Wayne have been gifted a free guided hunt at Monarch Valley Whitetails.

Their guide is Tim Johnson.

"Lots of us have challenges in our life and that is why I am excited to hunt with you. Some are challenged with not a place to hunt, so are challenged with not enough time, and some are challenged physically and mentally and it gets me really fired up that I can show them that through handwork, , prayer and enjoying the outdoors, life can become trouble free," said Johnson.

Johnson makes life easy; he has picked the perfect blind and location for the hunt.

Tim says he loves the outdoors, and that isn't the only thing he and Brad have in common.

"Brad, I have MS.Multiple sclerosis is a neurological disease. For me, if affects my hands. Sometimes if it is cold, it will feel like my hands are in a vise," said Johnson.

Johnson says MS helps him be more patient as a hunter. 

He says everyday poses different challenges and some days are better than others.

Tim says this hunt is special because together they are defying the odds and overcoming adversity.

 After 30 hours in the stand, Brad and Tim proudly harvested a nice doe proving teamwork, hard work, faith and patience can tackle any challenge-and can create great reward.

Monarch Valley Whitetails wants to continue to pay it forward and gift future hunts to area youth who maybe overcoming challenges.

For more information about Monarch Valley Whitetail:

Monarch Valley Whitetails LLC is a family operated hunt opportunity offering guided and semi-guided whitetail hunts. We have made this our home since 1995 and have continuously improved this premier hunting destination. We strive to provide a exciting and successful "one on one" outdoor event for seasoned hunters our cherished youth hunters and our veterans.

Located 15 minutes from the famed "Buffalo County" in Wisconsin MVW has 1000+ acres of habitat that exists along the oak ridges, mixed hardwood slopes, and maple bottoms of Trempealeau County.

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