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Working around


MADISON (WKOW) -- Some people trained to sell insurance through the federal health care exchange here in Wisconsin may have found a way around the website problems, albeit a long way around.

Healthcare-dot-gov says there are four ways to get marketplace coverage; three of them rely on the website.

So some insurance agents say, right now, there's only one way to enroll: by hand.

It'll take some time, but at least it gets the process started. 

"This is just the first step to see if we qualify for subsidies.  Once this comes back, then really what we need to do is get back into the website to actually choose our plans," said insurance agent Dean Raasch.

If at that point the website still isn't working, agents like Raasch can contact insurance companies directly to enroll.

While can help you fill out the initial application over the phone, they can't help you purchase plans without a working website.

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