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Triple homicide suspect found not competent to stand trial


MADISON (WKOW) -- A Dane County judge found triple homicide suspect Jaren Kuester not competent to stand trial for the deaths, but said Kuester's competency would be reevaluated over the next year.

Judge William Foust said he relied on an expert's report in coming to his decision.

Kuester appeared for the court hearing via video conference from a room at the Mendota Mental Health Institute. Kuester's attorney, assistant state public defender Guy Taylor, said he expected Kuester could gain the ability to understand the legal proceedings and help with his defense, possibly within a month.

"The report doesn't give a timeline, we are just assuming that from information that the parties have received from Mendota before this, that, with medication, things have been changing," Lafayette County District Attorney Kate Findley told 27 News.

Foust ordered that Kuester receive psychotropic medication, with Kuester being forced to take drugs, if necessary.

Kuester answered only yes and no questions during the hearing.

Authorities say the 31-year old Kuester killed senior citizens Gary and Chloe Thoreson, and Gary's brother Dean, in Lafayette County after breaking into a home, and stealing clothes and money. Authorities say Kuester had driven from Waukesha County, abandoned a truck, and hiked through rough terrain naked to the home, after his parents failed to convince authorities Kuester needed institutionalization because of mental health issues.


MADISON (WKOW) – A triple homicide suspect's mental health will be evaluated for a second time on Thursday.

Jaren Kuester is accused of killing three people in Lafayette County in April.

In July, 31-year-old Waukesha man was found competent to stand trial.  Kuester's attorney and prosecutor reached an agreement that would have committed Kuester to a mental institution for life.  However, Kuester was unresponsive during the hearing.

The judge decided to order Kuester to be re-examined to determine if he can go to trial.

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