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Weather crews on their way to survey storm damage

CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WKOW) -- Weather crews are on their way to look at storm damage after people reported more than 80 tornadoes on Sunday that killed at least six people and injured dozens more.

Some of the hardest hit areas were Peoria, Washington and Pekin, IL. According to local newspapers, tornadoes touched down around midday Sunday, and some lasted about 10 minutes, leveling houses in its path.

State Trooper Dustin Pierce told the Associated Press that the tornado in Washington cut a path about an eighth of a mile wide from one side of town to the other, and entire blocks were leveled.

Rescuers worked yesterday to reach people under the rubble. Many hid in their basements when they heard the storm approaching.

"It did sound like a freight train. I looked over my back woods and then I saw a debris field coming at me," Brian Young, a victim of the Washington tornado, told CNN.

During the middle of a news broadcast in Peoria, anchors had to cut their coverage short and take cover.

"I'm hearing things right now….Yes, I think we may need to take shelter right now… We need to go off the air… We will be back when we can… We'll be right back," the WHOI news anchors said on air.

The Illinois National Guard is assisting in recovery and cleanup efforts. The Red Cross is reportedly setting up a chapter in Peoria.

Forty-eight thousand Illinois homes and businesses are without power. At one point, outages affected half a million people in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

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