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Angie's List: How to Hire a House Cleaner


La Crosse, WISCONSIN (WXOW) – The holidays are a time for fun and family, but there's a lot of prep work to be done around the home before your guests arrive. Keeping your house clean during this time of year can be a monumental task. Angie's List suggest hiring a house cleaner.

"During the holidays I find that it's even more important to have a house cleaner," said homeowner, Angela Duggan. "We have a large family. I love to cook, as I've said before, so Thanksgiving to me, I would prefer to be at the grocery store shopping as opposed to scrubbing down my walls."

Angie's List said it's important to communicate your needs and expectations clearly to your house cleaner because everyone's opinion of clean can be different. Also, before you hire, ask for an in-home estimate.

"If you're considering buying a deal on housecleaning, be sure you ask questions and understand exactly what you are getting," said Angie's List, Angie Hicks. "You really want to understand the cost. How do they charge? Do they charge a flat rate? Is it by the photo? Also, are there extra charges for color correction?"

Don't forget to check on insurance and bonding when hiring. Insurance covers damage by the company, such as bleach stains, and a bond covers an employee's dishonest criminal conduct, like theft.

Angie's List said book as early as possible if you need a housecleaning service for the holidays. Companies will fill up fast during this time of year.

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