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COPY-Don't wait to put together winter emergency kits

A blast of arctic air has hit Wisconsin and experts say now is the time to get prepared for the winter season.

This includes getting an emergency kit together for both your home and vehicle.

The coordinator of La Crosse County Emergency Management says most people aren't prepared when bad weather hits because they often wait to put kits together.  And by then, it can be too late.

Keith Butler says, "Especially if you're stuck in a ditch someplace, you just can't go to a store. You have to have that snow shovel, that kitty litter for traction, you have to have those energy bars to sustain you and those kind of things. So take care of business now, today, tomorrow, because Friday and Saturday it's probably going to be too late. It's going to be very, very cold out there."

You can find a list of items needed in an emergency kit on the Ready Wisconsin website

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