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Skyrockers give behind-the-scenes look at Stuff the Mortars

LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) – Putting together the New Years firework show is much more work than just launching fireworks into the air.

So the La Crosse Skyrockers hosted their second annual "Stuff the Mortars" Saturday.

The event gives the community a behind-the-scenes look at the mortars, electronic board, and how the Skyrockers build racks.

Some people even had a chance to launch their own firework.

The Skyrockers said the event's a chance for them to acclimate to cold weather.

"It's kinda fun because it's always a challenge. We got the weather and safety, so we get there early in the morning and we work all day. We'll have 25 crew members out just doing different things – just miles of this little wiring you have to do just to get everything wired up – and then to be ready by midnight to ring in the New Year," said Pat Bonadurer, president of the Skyrockers.

Skyrockers also collected donations at the event.

But their biggest fundraiser is the nightly salutes on Grandad Bluff. More information can be found on the Skyrocker's website:

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