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Former La Crosse Police Lt. Enters Guilty Plea

SPARTA, Wisconsin (WXOW)-- Former La Crosse police officer Brian Thomson plead guilty Monday to attempted possession of narcotics, a felony.

Thomson's guilty plea comes as part of a plea agreement. The prosecution agreed to request three years probation, with one year of incarceration. Whether or not Thomson serves time in jail will be argued at sentencing.

"La Crosse County typically uses electronic monitoring in lieu of jail time, he (the prosecutor) will still be requesting some portion of that one year be in the county jail," said defense attorney Keith Belzer in court. "I am free to argue against that."

Thomson was first arrested in August. The criminal complaint states the investigation began after concerns that Thompson was spending time in the department's evidence room, which weren't a part of his normal duties. It also says Thomson asked other officers if they had any leftover pain medications.

The complaint says Assistant Chief Robert Abraham had Captain Jason Melby pack a duffel bag with personal items and a bottle of fake Oxycotin pills.

Chief Abraham then gave the duffel to Thomson and told him to take care of putting it into evidence. The complaint says that video cameras later captured Thomson searching the bag.

When Abraham asked if there was anything in the bag, Thomson replied that there were only clothes in the duffel bag.  Later, when Abraham checked, he found the pill bottle, now empty, in the duffel bag.

On August 13, Thomson admitted he took the pills from the bag and ingested them.  He also told investigators that on at least three occasions he took methamphetamine from the evidence room and ingested those drugs.

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