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Governor suggests pardon-seeking veteran drop hopes of police career

MADISON (WKOW) -- Governor Walker Thursday reinforced his unwillingness to consider pardons, suggesting a combat veteran with a felony conviction consider careers other than law enforcement.

32-year old Eric Pizer of Madison has hoped to ask Walker for a pardon from a 2004 felony battery conviction, so as to qualify to carry a firearm and purse a career as a police officer. Pizer was deployed twice to the war against Iraq, and has no other criminal record.

Speaking to reporters after signing a bill to help technical college students and others to a speedier path to required, state licenses, Walker indicated Pizer should consider other career fields, if blocked by his felony conviction from law enforcement jobs.

Walker acknowledged having the constitutional authority to issue pardons, but said resolving criminal matters should remain in the criminal justice system's domain. Walker has issued no pardons since taking office in 2011, with more than two thousand pardon requests pending.


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