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Packers free agents head into unknown future


Green Bay, WISCONSIN (WXOW)  Ask NFL players and most will say the worst day of the season is the last.
    The second worst day is next day, the day they clean out their lockers and say goodbye.

Such was the case Monday for the Packers in the wake of their 23-20 loss to the 49ers Sunday that ended their season.
    And because of the nature of the business side of football, Monday was also the last time they will meet as a group.
    Several Packers are set to enter the unknown world of the free-agent market.

 "I'm not even worried about it, I'm at peace; I'm just chillin', whatever happens happens. I would love to be back, I've been here 7 years, would love to be back. You have to go into the offseason, they'll make decisions up top, go into the offseason and talk to my agent, and we'll go from there," said free-agent-to-be James Jones.

"I think there are several factors that go into who to sign with, where to sign, what value to sign at. Those are things that you really need to take some time with and evaluate, and really think about before you just rush to any decision," said free-agent-to-be John Kuhn.

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