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COPY-Officials believe depression played role in shooting near Oronoco

NEAR ORONOCO, Minn. (KTTC) -- In the wake of a tragedy that claimed the lives of two people, investigators are still searching for answers.

Answers as to why 19-year-old Nicholas Roecker would kill his friend, 18-year-old Kayla Korunda before shooting himself.

Olmsted County Sheriff Dave Mueller says after assessing gunshot wounds, it is believed Roecker was the gunman.

He says Roecker had a history with depression before Monday's tragic events took place.

Based on accounts from family members and friends, Roecker had expressed suicidal thoughts in the past, and that Korunda was most likely at Roecker's house to help him through a tough time.

Tragically, depression and other mental illnesses can be common variables in cases such as the one that took place just outside Oronoco on Monday.

Forensic social workers such as Megan Vogel work to identify the symptoms of these illnesses and monitor them in individuals who find themselves entangled with the law.

What makes it difficult is that symptoms can be hard to diagnose.

"Unfortunately with depression a lot of people have an idea of what it looks like but it can look very different in everybody," Vogel said. "Because a lot of times the general rule of thumb sometimes with depression is that it's a change in their behavior."

This is especially true if the person affected doesn't seek help.

"Kind of paying attention to some of the cues or things that they might see around the house that might show that the person is struggling," Vogel said. "You know maybe the house is excessively unkempt or the person hasn't been able to care for themselves or you know kind of other clues like that."

But that's what people like Vogel are here to do -- to spot warning signs early, so that events such as Monday's can be prevented.

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