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One week later, crews continue search for fourth victim of Winona crash


WINONA, Minnesota, (WXOW) – One week ago Sunday a driver in a sports utility vehicle missed the turn onto Riverview Drive in Winona, hit a guardrail, slid down and embankment and crashed through the ice into the Mississippi River.

Crews recovered two bodies in the car. They found a third body in the water, about 75 feet from the crash site.

Responders are still looking for Andrew Kingsbury, 29, from La Crosse.

Authorities presumed he drowned and said they won't give up the search until they find him. 

A memorial stands in Andrew Kingsbury's honor, just yards from the ice where dive teams are searching to recover his body.

'It's heart-wrenching," said Chad Kingsbury, Andrew's older brother. "It went just from just trying to see if he was still around and locate where he was at, to this recovery effort."

For the past week, Kingsbury has been at the river with family and friends, standing in support of search crews and making sure they're fed.

It's a thank you for volunteering their time.

The search crew is 95 percent volunteers, according to Winona County Sheriff Dave Brand. And each day these volunteers come back "because they care about people."

Brand said the search is all about persistence.

"For one thing the water – you can only see four to 10 feet underneath," Brand said.

Teams have used cameras, sonar, cadaver dogs and boats to search.

"He could be hidden behind a rock or a crevice there that we couldn't see," he said.

Two of the bodies recovered from the river are Blake Overland, 28, and Mathew Erickson, 30. They're childhood friends of Andrew's. The three attended Lanesboro High School in Minnesota together.

"You probably couldn't find one of them without one of the others – if not both of them together," Kingsbury said.

Sheriff Brand attended their wakes.

"We need to go there and pray and support the relatives, and sometimes they have questions on what happened and I think it's important for us to be present," Brand said.

He's hoping he can give the Kingsbury family the same closure.

"You know the goal is still the same," Kingsbury said. "Find him, bring him home, and without these volunteers we don't have a chance of that."

The search crews will be out again Monday.

They said they'll continue looking for Andrew as long as the weather is safe for divers.

The Kingsbury family said they plan to be out every day with the dive crews as a show of support.

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