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Winter Rec-fest medallion found


LA CROSSE, Wisconsin (WXOW) - It took nine clues for someone to track down the Winter Rec-Fest Medallion this year.

Jared Flick of the La Crosse Parks and Rec. Department said that the medallion was found Thursday morning around 10:30 a.m. at the Harry J. Olson Senior Center on the northside of town.

Jonathon Craig of La Crosse found the medallion secured to a tree to the east of the parking lot.


Clue #9 for the Winter Rec-Fest Medallion Hunt:

Think of a city other than La Crosse

And a famous baby born in 2013.

Clint's detective is making it easy.

Now find the right tree at the scene.


Clue #8 for the Winter Rec-Fest Medallion Hunt:

A sporting color centered between red and white.

Then make a connection for par.

A round window way up high

and family street names not very far.


Clue #7 for the Winter Rect-Fest Medallion Hunt:

Hours for something are clearly posted,

But you can track, I presume, by day or night.

You'll see a fence that goes nowhere.

Plus, a religious presence in sight.


Clue #6 in the Winter Rec-Fest Medallion Hunt:

One utensil is plain to see.

Find it and your quest gets a lift.

Stop signs and hydrants can be found.

You can vent, but don't get miffed.


Here's Clue #5 for the Winter Rec-Fest Medallion Hunt:

A place to shoot hoops around the bend,

So don't bother with any lofty place.

Find the white triangle and count to ten.

When the clues link, you'll have a happy face.



Think safety and hunt on city property

Although private land is close at hand.

The initials P.C. can offer a hint.

And you might hear a wooden shoe band.



Don't look for the flake south of Jackson,

But find a reminder of where flowers grow.

Stand by the big river and reverse Horace Greeley.

You're cold where the waters flow.



Places to park, but rules to obey

And speed limits do apply.

Doors galore in your view

And Santa's exit route is just nearby.



Winter Rec Fest 2014!

Escape the house when the clues click.

The flake is hidden for your search...

Just beyond a William Holden Flick.


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