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Sheriff: Fourth body recovered from Miss. River in Winona

FILE: Crews search for a man presumed drowned in Winona FILE: Crews search for a man presumed drowned in Winona

WINONA, Minnesota (WXOW) – Winona County Sheriff Dave Brand said crews have recovered the fourth body from the Mississippi River Sunday, after an SUV crashed in Winona on Jan. 5.

Around 3:45 p.m. crews spotted Andrew Kingsbury, 29, of La Crosse, via robot and sonar, according to Brand.

His body was found at the bottom of the river, in about 10 feet of water. It was located 125 feet from the Hwy 43 Bridge, on the side opposite the crash site, Brand said.

Crews from Washington County, Minn. brought the robot sonar equipment. Winona County Dive Team made the dive.

The Winona County Dive Team and Search Operations Assistance and Rescue were also on site.

Kingsbury's body will be taken to Rochester for an autopsy.

About 30 rescue crews have clocked more than 1,400 hours in the field to help the Kingsbury family.

Brand said though this is a tragic situation, he's happy he can bring the family some closure.

"I put myself in their spot. If it were my son, or my wife, or my kids, I'd want everything done that the sheriff could possibly do. No matter how (much) man power or what equipment," Brand said. "And we kept getting resources and we went for 14 days."

The crash happened two weeks ago, around 1:20 a.m.

A driver in an SUV missed the turn onto Riverview Drive, hit a guardrail, slid down an embankment and crashed through the ice into the Mississippi River.

The day of the crash, crews recovered two bodies in the car. Christina Lee Hauser, 36, of Winona, was in the driver's seat. Mathew Erickson, 30, Chatfield, Minn., was in the front passenger seat. Both had their seatbelts on.

The next day, crews found Blake Overland, 28, of Stewartville, Minn., in the water near the crash site.

The three men are childhood friends. They attended Lanesboro High School in Minnesota together.

UPDATE: This story has been updated to indicate that Winona County Dive Team made the dive.

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