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Senator wants part of WI surplus to go toward propane shortage


MADISON (WKOW) -- In his State of the State address Wednesday night, Governor Scott Walker laid out plans for Wisconsin's budget surplus. Most of the money is going toward tax cuts and some of the money is being used for job training.

But Republican senator Dale Schultz (R - Richland Center) says the governor should use some of that money to help Wisconsin residents struggling with the recent propane shortage.

"Many of my constituents are elderly," Schultz said after the governor's address Wednesday night. "They live in the countryside. They have propane furnaces and there are a lot of very nervous people."

The demand for propane has continued to rise and temperatures dropped throughout the week. Experts suggest users stay on alert to avoid running out of fuel. Senator Schultz says we shouldn't wait until then to find a potentially life-saving solution.

"I think it would be an enormous tragic mistake if we waited until people ran out of fuel."

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